TLD Instructions

Install intstructions:

  1. Remove the under plate by removing  the screw. 

  2. Unscrew the hex screw using the supplied hex key as to not block the hole for the lightning connector.
    (This is the small hole going in at an angle, just put the hex key in the hole and it should lock in the screw)

  3. Insert your 3 feet Apple Lightning connector through the hole. *Only Original iPhone 3 feet Cable from Apple will fit.

  4. Adjust the height of the connector to fit with your iPhone with or without a case.

  5. Tighten carefully the hex screw with the included hex tool as to apply slight pressure to the connector.
    This can make a small mark on the connector. 
    *Caution: Do not over tighten the hex screw as this can damage the connector.
    1/8 of a turn should be sufficient after making contact with the connector.

  6. Push the cable in the grooves under the dock and re-install the under plate with the screw.
  7. Insert the round peg backing by twisting in.Adjust by turning the peg till it touches the back of the phone or case to provide back support.
  8. To remove the back support just pull up with a twisting motion, do not try to remove by rocking back and forth.