iPad Frame Dock

iPad 1 iPad 2 and iPad 3 iPad 2 and iPad 3 Camera

4 colors (new White) for all 4 models for iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad 3, and iPad Camera


Integrated Dock:
Integrated 30 pin connector and usb cable. Just plug it in a computer or power source and slide in your iPad to charge.
Just Slide:
Easily insert and remove your iPad from the frame. Plush velvet protected grooves will slide your iPad easily without a scratch.
Display your Photo in Landscape or Portrait:
Displays a photo of your choice even when the iPad is not in the frame.
Access to the home and power buttons and audio port.
You want to use your camera with our frame, no problem just choose the Camera Frame.
Desk or table:
Put it on a table, desk or night table and plugin the integrated usb cable to charge your iPad.
Just hang on the wall like a picture frame, and just as easily remove it.
In-wall installation:
You want the most seamless look. Make a hole of 9" x 11" and install the hinge brackets to the frame. You will insert and remove your iPad just by opening slightly the frame like a door.
So Easy:
Just look how easy it is to dock your iPad. No more fiddling with the dock or cable, just slide in and it will align and connect to the 30 pin connector. In-wall mount, standard iPad 2 frame shown.


One frame will allow you to display your iPad on the desk, wall or in-wall all with the same frame.