Instructions - Pencil Dock

Pencil Dock Instructions:

* You must use Apple brand 3 or 6 feet lightning cable and Apple Pencil Adapter.
(some third party cables might work if they have the same housing size)

Video Instructions here:

1. Remove under plate using flat screwdriver (you can also use a dime or paperclip)

2. Insert you cable into the plastic round part that came with dock. Then insert in the bottom of the dock.

3. Align lightning connector to the hole on top and insert the Pencil adapter (included with your Apple Pencil) in the hole with the dot up. It should click in place.

3. Bend the cable underneath the dock and install the bottom plate with the 2 screws.

4. Hold down the plate tightly to the dock to install the screws.

*** For the wood dock do not over tighten the screws as to not strip the threads.

Enjoy your Pencil Dock.