Instructions - Duo Dock

Duo Apple Watch and iPhone Dock Instructions:

* You must use Apple brand 3 or 6 feet lightning cable.
1. Remove under plate using flat screwdriver (you can also use a dime or paperclip)

2. Insert round watch charger in wooden back plate. Align disc and wire to the groove and push down evenly. Make sure the velvet lining stays in place.

3. Pass the usb end of the watch charger through the rectangle hole and out of the bottom of the dock.

4. Remove thumbscrew on top of dock and align the metal bracket in the groove and screw the thumbscrew back on.

5. Insert lightning connector from the bottom of the dock through the oval hole, be sure the front screw is not blocking the hole.

6. Adjust lightning connector to the desired height and slightly tighten the front screw.

7. Pass the wires through the grooves under the dock and screw the under plate back on.

8. Adjust backing to the desired thickness of your iPhone. You can use a screwdriver to firmly tighten the screw.

9. Snap the front plate on by aligning the magnets.

Watch the install Video:

Enjoy your new Duo Dock.